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Work and Travel USA

Package 100%


Cost of the program
$ 1000
Consular fee
$ 160
Registration with SEVIS
$ 35
$ 600-1000

The probation will cost you - $ 1895

Field of training: Work and Travel USA


Our goal is not only to provide a good training, but also to provide an opportunity for a comfortable stay abroad
Price includes:
  • Initial testing for knowledge of English.
  • Interview in the chosen agricultural direction (includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills).
  • Together with our foreign partner-coordinator we select the most suitable option of training in your chosen direction.
  • We provide you with the necessary information about the basic requirements and conditions for your training.
  • We advise you how to fill in and collect all necessary documents for the official invitation for your training (placement at the farm).
  • We assist you with the preparation and submission of documents to the visa application center.
  • We advise on stay in the country.
  • We help to learn and master the agriculture program, if needed.
  • we provide material on the study of agricultural terminology in English, if needed.
  • We provide with the support and guidance during your whole stay abroad.
  • We advise on the return of taxes.

Why Work & Travel is so popular?

Work and Travel, the exchange program for students remains one of the most popular among the youth activities for many years. It allows young people who are still studying at universities to go to America for 4-5 months to work with the opportunity to travel after the end of the internship. You can not only earn a good amount of money, but also visit the famous places of America, better learn the culture and lifestyle of Americans, broaden your horizon, gain your first experience of working abroad and significantly improve your English. It is worth to become a member of Work and Travel USA!

Special aspects of the Work and Travel student program

If you are thinking about the participation in Work and Travel USA, the exchange program for students, this information will be very useful for you. First things first.

Registration for Work and Travel costs $ 1,000. At the same time, students earn from $ 3.25 (+ tips) to $ 13 per hour averagely. Pretty good for a student! Accommodation and meals - at your own expense. We will help you to find inexpensive housing near your place of work, and also tell you about the things to cut corners on.

The cost of the program includes the services of ZRFA, within the framework of which we will do the following:

  • determine your English level, if it is well enough to participate in the program, if necessary, advise where you can quickly improve the knowledge of the language;
  • prepare a package of necessary documents and send them to its destination;
  • find you a vacancy that will match your preferences and skills;
  • help you to pass successfully the interview with the employer and receive an invitation for an internship from the employer;
  • train you for an interview with the American consul;
  • organize the trip and will be in touch all the time, while you are in the USA.

In addition to the services of ZRFA internship company, you shall pay separately for visa and consular fees, flight to America and registration in the SEVIS service.

Get a lot of unforgettable emotions with Work & Travel!

Imagine that... You are standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon cliff, taking a photo with the Statue of Liberty, enjoying the view from the Golden Gate Bridge, having fun at Disneyland, walking around Central Park in New York and drinking coffee at Starbucks! Sounds cloud-built, yes? Not for internship participants from ZRFA.

The Work and Travel program is popular among students because it allows them to go to the United States at relatively low cost, visit the well-known sightseeing attractions of America, gain their first experience of working abroad, learn more about the USA and earn good money. In addition, staying in the English-speaking environment and the daily use of English will further improve the knowledge of the language, help to improve the pronunciation and auditory perception.

In addition, Americans are very joyful and interesting people. Communicating with them will help to get rid of conservatism in thinking (which is inherent in our mentality), broaden the horizon and see life in a new perspective.


A lot of our employees have completed internships, so they know everything about this kind of activity. It allows us to prepare each participant of the program well and provide all the nuances. In addition, we adhere to the optimal price policy and honesty in cooperation. You can see video reviews of our interns, as well as their photos from the place of work on the program page and in the relevant sections.