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Kaliningrad, prospekt Mira 136, of. 316
From 9:00 to 17:00. Days off: Sat, Sun.

Training in Sweden

Package "100%"
A contract within 3-4 months
Visa is paid by a farmer *


Cost of the program
1200 $
200 $
50 $
* Visa 165 $ (a farmer can charge from a salary)

The probation will cost you - 1450 $

Field of training: Sweden


Our goal is not only to provide a good training, but also to provide an opportunity for a comfortable stay abroad
Price includes:
  • Initial testing for knowledge of English.
  • Interview in the chosen agricultural direction (includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills).
  • Together with our foreign partner-coordinator we select the most suitable option of training in your chosen direction.
  • We provide you with the necessary information about the basic requirements and conditions for your training.
  • We advise you how to fill in and collect all necessary documents for the official invitation for your training (placement at the farm).
  • We assist you with the preparation and submission of documents to the visa application center.
  • We advise on stay in the country.
  • We help to learn and master the agriculture program, if needed.
  • we provide material on the study of agricultural terminology in English, if needed.
  • We provide with the support and guidance during your whole stay abroad.
  • We advise on the return of taxes.

Sweden is an unforgettable north country with a high standard of living and clean environment. For many people, this country is associated with powerful and strong Vikings, someone associate it with Scandinavian rocks and transparent lakes, and somebody –with a cozy architecture of Swedish cities that beckons curious travelers.

A trip to Sweden and an internship in this country will become a fun adventure for you, will help you to get bright emotions, become acquainted closer with the country and its history by simply vanishing into local northern traditions. The internship with ZRFA in Sweden is an opportunity for everyone not only to upgrade skills, but also to extend geographical boundaries.

Why do people choose ZRFA for travels?

ZRFA is an international organizing company of agrarian internships for Ukrainian students abroad. The company is actively developing and offers its students the internship programs in the most interesting countries on all continents. The company has been in operation since 1994, is a member of Grow Abroad Alliance, and has earned customer confidence over more than 20 years of operation.

The main principles and benefits of ZRFA:

  • individual approach;
  • the company operates in many countries; everyone chooses a direction to own taste;
  • support of interns at all stages of program.

The cost of internship in Sweden and requirements for participants

The agrarian internship in Sweden will cost you $1,200. Additional payments:

  • $200 – transportation;
  • $20 – insurance.

Basic requirements for participants in internship program from ZRFA:

  • experience in working on farms will be a plus;
  • age – up to 30 years;
  • spoken English.

What are the basic conditions of program in Sweden?

ZRFA, the organizing company, conducts the internship process for each student as comfortable and easy as possible. General information about internships in Sweden:

  • participants work on farms with modern equipment;
  • directions of study (animals, plants and others) are selected independently;
  • wage –1,000-1,500$ per month, the amount is stipulated in the contract;
  • administrative fee is deducted from wage. Total amount of fee is starting from 5000 SEK;
  • probation period is 3 months;
  • Accommodation – under the contract, meals – at own expense.

Stages of internship registration:

  • receipt of initial application for internship in Sweden from the participant;
  • testing English proficiency, vacancy selection;
  • visa processing, ticket purchase, final briefing;
  • support for program participants at all stages 24/7.

The internship in Sweden is a chance to gain high professional skills, which will be an evident benefit in searching for work in future, as well as lots of impressions from life abroad!