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Training in Canada

Package "100%"
A contract within 3-4 months


Cost of the program
$ 2 000 (6 months ); $ 3 000 (2 years); $ 5᠎ 000 (Permanent residency)
$ 75-150
Medical board
$ 285
on a contract basis

Field of training: Canada


Our goal is not only to provide a good training, but also to provide an opportunity for a comfortable stay abroad
Price includes:
  • Initial testing for knowledge of English.
  • Interview in the chosen agricultural direction (includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills).
  • Together with our foreign partner-coordinator we select the most suitable option of training in your chosen direction.
  • We provide you with the necessary information about the basic requirements and conditions for your training.
  • We advise you how to fill in and collect all necessary documents for the official invitation for your training (placement at the farm).
  • We assist you with the preparation and submission of documents to the visa application center.
  • We advise on stay in the country.
  • We help to learn and master the agriculture program, if needed.
  • we provide material on the study of agricultural terminology in English, if needed.
  • We provide with the support and guidance during your whole stay abroad.
  • We advise on the return of taxes.

You won't find more majestic nature, lush forests and turbulent rivers anywhere else than in Canada. It is an amazing north country famous for its high standard of living and wealthy Diaspora of Ukrainians. Canada is a hospitable and interesting place for travelers all over the world. ZRFA offers you immediately to get to know the great culture of Canada, its customs, nature, architecture and, of course, people.

The internship with ZRFA in Canada is an excellent opportunity available to anyone who fits the company's basic requirements. A trip to Canada is a chance for everyone to gain incredible emotions and broaden their horizons.

ZRFA working principles

ZRFA is an international organizer of agrarian practices abroad with more than 23 years of successful experience. The company also organizes student exchange programs by helping educational institutions to draft the agreement. It is included into the list of 27 companies that are the best in travel arrangements. 2,200 students have already visited about 10 countries on all continents on internship programs.

The company follows such stages of travel arrangements:

  • initially, the organizer carries out English proficiency tests for the student;
  • the next step is to sign the contract, pay for the company's programs and services;
  • the third step is an online interview of the intern with the employer, and ZRFA begins to draft a plan for future trip;
  • then all documents are collected, a visa is processed and tickets to Canada are purchased;
  • moving to Canada and meeting with an employer, which is fully controlled by ZRFA;
  • support and assistance 24/7.

How much does the internship in Canada cost and what are the requirements for the participants?

The average cost of a Canadian internship with ZRFA amounts from 2,000$ to 5,000$. Additional expenses include the payment for visa, flight and the medical commission;

Requirements for program participants:

  • proficiency in English;
  • experience of internships on farms abroad;
  • experience in direction chosen by the student;
  • driver's license is compulsory.

Basic terms of internship in Canada

ZRFA tries to make the internship for students as convenient and easy as possible. There are a number of conditions that a participant of the Canadian program holds:

  • the work is carried out on equipped agricultural farms;
  • the area of work can be chosen personally (livestock, plant growing or other);
  • the student gets wage specified in the contract;
  • the costs of meals and accommodation are specified individually with the employer.

Benefits of internship in Canada with ZRFA:

  • work experience at foreign farms;
  • attainment of self-sufficiency;
  • improvement of English;
  • lots of acquaintances;
  • the opportunity to travel and to see the world;
  • huge plus to your professional CV.

The practice in Canada is your chance to visit a beautiful country, bring a lot of souvenirs and unforgettable impressions! Going abroad, you can be assured that ZRFA will do everything at the highest level – from organizing the interview to your returning home.