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Training in Denmark

Package "100%"
Contract within 1 month


The cost of the program
1200 $
700 $
200 $
Administrative fee to the host organization
for 6 months $ 562, for 12 months $ 750
Test KET

The probation will cost you - 2135 $

Field of training: Denmark


Our goal is not only to provide a good training, but also to provide an opportunity for a comfortable stay abroad
Price includes:
  • Initial testing for knowledge of English.
  • Interview in the chosen agricultural direction (includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills).
  • Together with our foreign partner-coordinator we select the most suitable option of training in your chosen direction.
  • We provide you with the necessary information about the basic requirements and conditions for your training.
  • We advise you how to fill in and collect all necessary documents for the official invitation for your training (placement at the farm).
  • We assist you with the preparation and submission of documents to the visa application center.
  • We advise on stay in the country.
  • We help to learn and master the agriculture program, if needed.
  • we provide material on the study of agricultural terminology in English, if needed.
  • We provide with the support and guidance during your whole stay abroad.
  • We advise on the return of taxes.

Denmark is a fairyland for real dreamers. As of 2017, it is one of the countries with the highest quality of life and a decent level of intellectual and scientific activities. The pleasant, cozy, and home architecture of Denmark beckons travelers from all over the world, and pristine nature amazes by its greatness. Denmark is very concerned about the environment; it is here where the largest number of electric vehicles rides.

The internship in Denmark from ZRFA is an opportunity to open new horizons, increase skills, improve language and befriend many foreigners. The practice in this country is an excellent chance for students who want to live abroad and experience their opportunities!

Why do trainees increasingly choose ZRFA?

ZRFA is a company of international class that is a partner of many foreign countries and arranges travels abroad for agricultural trainees. The organization started its operation in 1994 and by 2017 helped over 2,200 students to undertake an internship by sending them to all continents. ZRFA is a member of Grow Abroad World Alliance, which includes 27 countries that organize student agrarian internships abroad.

The basic principles of ZRFA work are as follows:

  • the company is required to test the student's language proficiency in order to select the most suitable job vacancy according to his/her capabilities;
  • the company agrees on the plan of internship in Denmark;
  • the company further assists in preparation and collection of documents, and visa processing;
  • ZRFA controls over the student's internship at each stage and conducts a briefing according to the laws and regulations of the country;
  • online support of trainee 24/7;
  • control over the student's return.

How much does the practice in Denmark cost and what are the basic requirements for students?

The cost of internship in Denmark from ZRFA amounts to 1,200$.

Additional payments:

  • 600€ – visa processing and documents preparation;
  • 200$ – move to Denmark and transfer.

Basic requirements for trainees:

  • age – up to 30 years;
  • KET (Key English Test) results, A2 level;
  • driver's license is desired;
  • all documents shall be provided in the original for visa processing and flight.

What are the conditions for internship in Denmark with ZRFA?

ZRFA is trying to create a comfort for students so that adaptation and living in the new country pass as smooth as possible. There are several basic conditions for Danish internship:

  • students work on equipped farms, the student chooses practice area (livestock, crop production, mixed farming and others) at his own discretion;
  • the payment for work is from 1,622 to 2,000 USD (depending on the contract), and the tax to the insurance company is 5%;
  • administrative fee (550 USD for the 6-month contract, 750 USD for the 12-month contract) is deducted from wage;
  • probation period – 3 months;
  • meals – at own expense, accommodation – according to the contract.

The Danish internship program with ZRFA is an excellent combination of work and recreation!!!