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Training in Australia

Package "100%"
A contract within 2-3 months


$ 700 - $ 1200
$ 280
(is paid in Russia, after receipt of the contract)
$ 730 AUD
Aadministrative fee to the host organization
$ 1000
Medical commision
$ 285

The probation will cost you - 4695 $

Field of training: Australia


Our goal is not only to provide a good training, but also to provide an opportunity for a comfortable stay abroad
Price includes:
  • Initial testing for knowledge of English.
  • Interview in the chosen agricultural direction (includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills).
  • Together with our foreign partner-coordinator we select the most suitable option of training in your chosen direction.
  • We provide you with the necessary information about the basic requirements and conditions for your training.
  • We advise you how to fill in and collect all necessary documents for the official invitation for your training (placement at the farm).
  • We assist you with the preparation and submission of documents to the visa application center.
  • We advise on stay in the country.
  • We help to learn and master the agriculture program, if needed.
  • we provide material on the study of agricultural terminology in English, if needed.
  • We provide with the support and guidance during your whole stay abroad.
  • We advise on the return of taxes.

Oceania is an amazing place, which millions of people dream of visiting. Australia is a mysterious, bright and colorful continent with a mass of peculiarities. For example, did you know that there are almost 60 million kangaroos living in Australia? According to the current data this is 3 times more than all population of the continent! Australians love sea, surfing and fun. However, being the relatives of Englishmen, they, though they are called as "captives of England", but still have traces of these constrained traditions.

ZRFA offers bright and interesting internships in Australia for agrarian students. The company provides an excellent opportunity to gain new experience abroad, become acquainted with Australian traditions, cuisine and nature, and make lots of new friends as well!

Why ZRFA for travel programs to Australia?

ZRFA is the largest centre of agro training, part of Grow Abroad World Alliance, including more than 27 countries participating in the agricultural internships. The company has been working since 1994. More than 2,200 students from our country have successfully completed internships abroad with this company.

Basic principles of cooperation with ZRFA:

  • the company accompanies and supports its students so that they are constantly under control and protection;
  • ZRFA organizes the trip and controls the process of documents execution;
  • before the student goes to Australia, the company conducts a briefing on the country's rules of conduct and its basic legislation;
  • organizer offers to undergo a foreign language proficiency test and select a job according to the skills.

How much does the internship with ZRFA in Australia cost?

The internship in Australia with ZRFA will cost 1,500 USD. This amount includes:

  • 700$ for flight and transfer to the place of work;
  • 280$ – visa processing;
  • 1,000$ – organizational fee for internship program.

The company helps with visa issues, search for a decent employer, conclusion of a contract, flight, training and internship. ZRFA will do everything for you. You may not have to worry about your travel arrangement after the payment of specified amount. You'll only have to enjoy the beautiful new country.

What are the requirements for trainees to travel?

The basic requirements for a trip to Australia with ZRFA are as follows:

  • the student's age must be up to 30 years;
  • knowledge of the English language is not below the intermediate level;
  • all necessary documents must be in hand for visa processing.

What are ZRFA basic conditions for internship in Australia?

The organizer provides an opportunity to personally choose your own travel direction and to agree on a certain period of stay in another country. The company has a number of basic requirements and conditions for the Australian internship program:

  • ZRFA internship program means the work exclusively on farms in the chosen directions;
  • program duration is averagely 1 year. The contract, signed by three parties, considers all payment peculiarities and daily working hours;
  • a student can earn about 26,000 USD a year. The income tax in Australia is 19%. Every week, the employee receives 2.5 hours of leave, which can also be taken after half a year's work for several days;
  • probation period is 2 months;
  • accommodation and meals are specified individually, depending on the contract and agreement of the parties;
  • the required condition will be the pass of medical examination and receipt of relevant certificate;
  • you can't go to the country, if you don't have 1,000$ in your bank account.

The internship programs in Australia with ZRFA are an excellent opportunity to get vivid emotions and unforgettable memories of the sun Oceania, earn money, and raise your professional level!