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Internship abroad

Absolutely everyone wants to go abroad and see as many countries as possible. Internship abroad from ZRFA, the International Centre of Agro Training, is an excellent opportunity not only to gain experience abroad, but also to see new countries, to improve your foreign language, to become acquainted with another culture, and to make many friends. The exchange of students is a popular activity in the USA and Europe that has finally reached us.

There are interesting programs for students in Europe, Australia, and America – everybody can select a trip to their liking. These trainings always mean a lot of impressions, interesting work, and an incredible amount of beautiful photos! There are also popular exchange student programs that allow training or studying abroad for a period of one to two seasons (depending on consent of educational institutions).

Features of internship abroad

This is usually a period between 1 and 18 months. You receive a certain payment for your work that is clearly established and remains unchanged until termination of the contract. A major feature of internship in another country is the obtainment of huge experience and the ability to master a foreign language in perfect. Any student program abroad is always fun, interesting and very educational!

The student exchange program involves an agreement of educational institutions for education or work of foreign students. A participant doesn't need to worry about organizational issues. The programs always provide housing, usually meals and a clearly fixed level of payment for work. And the list of documents for participation is quite simple.

Language proficiency is one of the desired requirements. In order for the candidate to have no doubts about his/her level, it is enough to pass online test. This will help you to choose the vacancy.

Benefits of programs abroad

Among the benefits of internships abroad with ZRFA we can distinguish the following:

  • gaining full self-reliance, flexibility in unforeseen situations and blitz thinking, which is very helpful in further search for work;
  • new friends and acquaintances, cognitive seminars, possibility to be imbued with the culture of foreigners and learn about it from the inside;
  • instant learning of a foreign language. It is much easier to improve your skills while being in the environment of native speakers. The student programs abroad are the real way to get rid of all accents and language barriers;
  • experience in communicating with foreign employers and developing skills in professional ethics;
  • training in another country is a huge plus to your experience. According to statistics, the students worked abroad at least six months receive a highly paid job much faster.

Where to go for internship?

The choice of interning place is individual. If you are interested in surfing and want to learn more about wild nature, you can go on the students program to Australia. Adherents of majestic architecture of mysterious Europe and more familiar, close atmosphere can choose Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland or Germany. Dreaming of going to America? Then ZRFA program for students to the USA and Canada is at your service!

Internship abroad: for or against?

Absolutely "for"! Work abroad is not only a major advantage in future employment, but also a good option for earning money. ZRFA exchange and training programs in other countries are the most fascinating adventure you will remember for the rest of your life!