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We have participated in the conference Grow Abroad World Alliance

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We have participated in the conference Grow Abroad World Alliance On Monday, October 10, 2016, international conference of the union Grow Abroad World Alliance has started. This annual event takes place at this time in the heart of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Amsterdam.

From year to year the international youth coordinators of farm programs gather to make stronger their cooperation, discuss vital issues, find ways to improve the quality of their services and actual programs.

At this time ZRFA company is represented by Mikhail Onishchenko on the conference. He is ready for active and productive work and achieving the desired results.

The conference lasts for five days. The program is intense (from 6:00 am till late) and diversed: every day participants will attend workshops, share information in groups to decide how to improve the work of specialists and better select the interns, attend agricultural educational institutions, etc.

In 2002, at the same conference (in Poland) all companies that are part of the union Grow Abroad World Alliance, have accepted the Code of Practice. It regulates one for all criteria and principles in the work of organizations involved in international programs. We are constantly working to make the selection of candidates, preparing them for internships and practical training as easy as possible.

ZRFA team is daily working on finding new opportunities for young people and providing them with the programs that best meet their needs and capacities.

We will be glad to talk to you after October 17.
You could know a lot of new information that will certainly be useful for you!

Publishing date: 10.10.2016

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