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Ending of Grow Abroad Alliance Conference 2016 in Amsterdam

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Ending of Grow Abroad Alliance Conference 2016 in Amsterdam As we reported earlier, from 9 to 14 October one of the most important events was held in Amsterdam - the annual conference for the organizations which are involved in international exchange agricultural programs for young people. As usual, the organizer of the conference is the union of companies Grow Abroad World Alliance, which includes ZRFA company from the very beginning of its activity.

Representatives of our company in this year were the coordinators of three cities: Mikhail Onishchenko (Zhytomyr), Eugene Leung (Kharkiv) and Marina Mikhailova (Kaliningrad). Today the office in Russia at the stage of preparation and soon will be opened.

Well on Monday everyone started to work actively. Marlous Mens, who is the head SUSP program in the Netherlands as well as the main founder and leader of the conference, welcomed the participants, outlined the program and planned meetings and tours which organizers have prepared for participants. Her friendliness and wishes of good and productive time immediately helped everyone to get a positive mood.

After the general meeting we had bilateral meetings with representatives of various organizations. Our staff very productively communicated with participants from Austria, Australia, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Canada. In addition to the planned meetings there were few opportunities to talk to many participants “on the way”. It was interesting and useful to hear the impressions of our foreign partners about the interns who have been sent by our company this year. We received detailed information about each trainee, learned about the encountered difficulties and positive moments. It was very pleasant that our interns got good responses and positive evaluations. At the same time, our partners gave us certain recommendations, which we will take into consideration.

Another good news was the increasing number of contracts for internships in the next 2017 and the resumption of the exchange program with Canada. More information we will soon expound on our website, so stay in touch.

Work, travel, develop and achieve success with ZRFA company!

Publishing date: 24.10.2016

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