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System "PaperLess"

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System "PaperLess" ZRFA Company is in a hurry to inform you!

By June 2017, Kaliningrad and Zhytomyr offices of ZRFA have completed the program to transfer hard-copy paperwork to digital, on PaperLess principle. We have taken this experience with pleasure from our North American partners. PaperLess program is related to "green technologies".

PaperLess not only preserves and protects our ecology, but also has positive impact on the quality of the services. Such famous companies as Google, Manilla, HelloSign, Fujitsu ScanSnap, Citigroup, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Farmers Insurance, AIG and many others have joined in ParerLess Coalition. By their own example, they show how they implement an eco-friendly approach and do everything to help others in this.

The essence of PaperLess program is more extensive than it seems at first glance and is following:
The first is taking care of the environment. We at ZRFA are not indifferent to the process of deforestation for making paper.

The second is the process of recycling paper and the associated "dirty processes" for ecology and nature.

The third one is that we have transferred the whole paperwork to the cloud service and use such tools as: Bitrix24, Google Disc, Google Docs, PDF, Apple iCloud, Evernote. Thanks to this, ZRFA team has become even more productive and efficient, and once again raised the level and quality of the services provided to you.

The fourth is increase of efficiency of the company. 99% of the paperwork in ZRFA has been digitized. We have reduced the purchase and use of paper media by 15 times. The speed of submitting your profiles, CVs and other documents for our Western partners decreased from 48 hours to 2 hours. Documents for embassies of foreign countries, student and working contracts, air tickets, financial documents and much more are digitized.

The activity of ZRFA is connected with the most advanced technologies in the field of agriculture and environmental protection. Our North American partners in their economic activities assign priority status to the issue of ecology, thus giving us a good example of protecting the environment, preserving nature and taking care of it.
We sincerely rejoice such positive changes!

With respect to you and Nature,
ZRFA team

Publishing date: 29.06.2017

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