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Our new website ZRFA is open!

Лого www.zrfa.com.ua
Our new website ZRFA is open! ZRFA company is engaged in international youth programs, in particular - agricultural internships. Working since 1994, we have sent more than 2,200 young and purposeful people abroad to different parts of the world.

Today we are pleased to inform you that now the website of the Kaliningrad office is opened. You will find the latest information about the various programs, requirements for candidates, the history of our company, latest news, photo of interns, feedbacks and other useful material there. You can quickly and easily contact us by phone, requesting a call back or sending us an e-mail.

Seriously decided to make a website of ZRFA company in Russia, we started looking for specialists who would do good job. First applied to the excellent designer and just a creative person Alexey Stolyarov, who is the head of the advertising studio Luka Galamar (in the past Art Design). We know Alexey for a long time, in due time cooperated closely with him. He immediately advised to contact the digital-agency "Paroxod". Today, after the successful launch of the website we understand that working with "Paroxod" have been a great decision for which we are grateful to Alexey.

The first impression of the company was very positive - the usual office, pleasant young people who know their job, work hard and as a team. Had a conversation with the director of the agency Andrey Gorbatyy, discussed the tasks and began to work together on our project.

We had to submit the necessary materials and guys from the "Paroxod" - to use their knowledge, web designing experience, creativity and make a website of ZRFA company. The process of site development was fascinating and rewarding. Fast communications and professionalism helped the guys to achieve the desired results.

Working together we have created an excellent website, which hopefully you will like as well!

We express our gratitude to all the people of Paroxod team for their work. We wish you creative inspiration, love for your work, interesting projects, creative ideas and brilliant solutions. A special "Thank you" want to say to the captain of "Paroxod" - Andrey Gorbatyy. We wish your brave vessel, sailing in the stormy sea of life, successfully overcame all the storms and waves, conquere new seas and oceans, and the compass needle always points the right direction.

Wish you a fair wind and seven feet under the keel!

Publishing date: 29.08.2016

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