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We have improved the site for you!

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We have improved the site for you!

Dear friends, we are happy to help you in implementation of your purposes, the search for work abroad. We are trying to constantly develop and improve in order to provide services at a high-quality level. In addition to our own development, we also improve ZRFA website. In this article, we want to share some changes on our website that made it more convenient for you to use.

The first thing we would like to draw your attention to is the pages of the programs. Now they are organized in such a way that you can quickly find any information that interests you. In this way, you can immediately go to the page of the country or direction of the farm you are interested in using the top menu.


In the section of each country you can see the indicated areas of activity for you to engage in, directly with jumping to the page of each of them, with the feedbacks on the internship in this country.

areas of activity

When you are in Directions section (for example, pig farming, cattle, agricultural labor, fur farming, etc.), you can see countries with this type of work.

Directions section

The structure and content of each page is carefully elaborated, so that you could easily find out about the information you are interested in concerning each program. On pages of the directions you can see links to certain programs (for example, from Farms section you can jump to the following pages: internship on a farm in the USA, internship on a farm in Denmark, etc.), as well as links to pages of vacancies available for the internships on farms in all countries (for example: technologist on a farm in the USA, worker on a farm in Australia, etc.).

training information

The basic information on every kind of internship is presented by tabs. Now you do not need to scroll down the whole page for a long time to learn about everything. You will see a description of the requirements for the intern, the cost of the program, accommodation conditions and other important details in a few clicks.

Feedbacks from interns, their photos from the places of practice, internship programs, vacancies and internship locations on the map with labels are also represented by tabs.


In addition, Articles section has been added to the website, and there you will find answers to urgent questions concerning international internships (how much you can earn, where to go, what documents are needed, how not to fail during the interview for a visa, etc.).


People say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Gallery is an important section on ZRFA website. We have added Fur farming subsection there recently. We regularly add new photos to each category.

And the last one is Contacts. We have implemented a feedback form on this page, with the help of which you can put your question to ZRFA manager. The answer will come soon to your e-mail. Now you can also contact us on Viber.

We sincerely hope that all these updates will make the use of our website more convenient, and our cooperation with you more comfortable. Stay tuned for updates!

Publishing date: 21.07.2017

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