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HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT New programs — new opportunities!

To be young means to be a restless person, rebel, rioter, revolutionist, adventurer, to have no fear to change life, it means to be yourself. It means to surround yourself with opportunities to try new things and to create your own path for the future.
Are you still a student and fluent in English? Then there is a special opportunity for you to do the internship at the best German hotels, namely Radisson Hotels and Resorts and 4* resort hotels.
Tatyana Mykhaylova, program coordinator
(on personal experience)
“Almost 20 years ago, with no professional background and experience but with a big dream to open my own restaurant, I got an opportunity to undertake an internship on restaurant management, first in the USA and later in Canada. These were the short-term internship programs, which lasted one month, but they gave me bright and unforgettable memories for life. I got a lot of theoretical knowledge, especially I want to emphasize very necessary one: daily 8-hour training with excursions at the most prestigious university on restaurant management in the USA, Las Vegas – UNLV. It was amazing and certainly shocking experience. During the internship in Canada I had an opportunity to immerse myself in the practical training. A friendly restaurant owner introduced me with his place, business process, etc. But the most important started to happen after I entered the kitchen, at first as an observer and then as a participant. I was impressed not by the dishes, but how easily, in a well-orchestrated manner, very organized, without any fuss and at the same time how quickly everything is managed between the moment of guest's arrival and meeting and the moment of dish serving and guest's leaving. But I was even more impressed by the behavior of the restaurant owner: he came up to the clients, being friendly and with a smile on his face, sometimes took orders and hurried to the kitchen; he was everywhere, but didn't impose himself, didn't disturb anyone and the same time supervised all the process. I will remember it for all my life. This priceless experience I keep in my mind and I use it not only in my restaurant business. Besides, my dream came true – for more than 16 years I have been running my small but favorite restaurant".

Publishing date: 12.12.2016

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