Kaliningrad, prospekt Mira 136, of. 316
From 9:00 to 17:00. Days off: Sat, Sun.


ZRFA company gathered a team of the interesting and comprehensively developed people who are great at their job. Together we have spent more than 15 years on internships abroad. During this time each specialist has received a priceless experience, and now is ready to share it with programs candidates.

Our experience, openness and active life position encourages us to make new friends, visit new places, think about new ideas and, of course, to accept new challenges. You never know which opportunity will be a springboard to achieving the goal.

We send young people abroad for the agricultural exchange programs. That is why in our work we often communicate with foreign employers, representatives of the educational programs and volunteers. In addition, we interact with public and specialized companies in different countries and closely cooperate with organizations of employment in foreign countries, Ukrainian agribusiness companies and agricultural universities and institutes.

If you see the way we can cooperate, have the idea of working together, or simply would like to discuss any issue, you are always welcome. Call us, write or come to the office - we are open to new ideas, meeting interesting people and visiting new places.

Welcome to cooperating with ZRFA!

Chairman of the Association: signature Leonid Mikhailov Nikolaevich