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History of ZRFA formation: through the thorns to the stars

What seemed to be unrealizable for centuries,
what yesterday was a bold dream
today becomes a real challenge,
and tomorrow - fulfillment.
S. P. Korolev

Leonid Mikhailov’s 1st training in Canada, 1992

More than 20 years ZRFA is a member of GrowAbroad World Alliance, which includes 27 countries-participants of the international exchange youth agricultural programs.

Leonid Mikhaylov - a director of ZRFA company, coordinator of the exchange agricultural programs.

In 1976 he graduated from Zhytomyr Agricultural Institute USSR (Agronomy Department) with honors. Included in the Golden Fund of students.

He began his career immediately after graduation. He started as an agronomist-chemist, then senior agronomist "Zhitomir Region Agro Chemistry" and got a job of the chief agronomist.

The desire to learn more extensive agricultural areas, apply the latest technology led Leonid Mikhailov to Kherson land. From 1979 to 1988 he worked as a chief agronomist, deputy chairman of the millionaire collective farm in the Kherson region. Being in the age of 27, he manage 760 people; 11 000 hectares of plowing; 5500 hectares of crops; 400 hectares of sunflower; 1000 hectares of melon crops; 180 hectares of soybeans (at that time it was advanced innovations in agriculture); 4,500 cows, 17,000 sheep; 104 tractors; 101, 24 combines.

During the Rearrangement times, the company organized the "Agropolis", which was engaged in agribusiness - the sale of tractors, combines, agricultural technics as well as feeds, seeds and other agricultural products.

“Field Days”
Leonid Mikhailov with US ex-Ambassador Steven Pifer, Ukraine, 2002

In 1991 he founded and headed the Association of Farmers of Zhytomyr region (ZRFA - Zhitomir Regional Farmers Association).

In 1992 he passed his first half-year agricultural training on a farm in Canada, province Alberta.

After returning Leonid was actively engaged in the question of exchange youth agricultural programs to improve the knowledge and gain experience of young professionals. He invited foreign volunteer farmers from Canada, America, Denmark and cooperated with them.

Surrounded by young people who were ready to learn and work hard, were not afraid of difficulties in achieving goals, Leonid gathered an ambitious and energetic team of associates and became the main coordinator of agricultural internship programs abroad.

In 1995 he received the first 20 hectares of land in Zhytomyr region and then another 150 and created the farm. He was engaged in the cultivation of potatoes, fodder beet, etc and also bred pigs using out door keeping technology (year-round maintenance of pigs outdoor).

Leonid Mikhailov was always actively involved in public life, was a mentor and a teacher of the huge number of young people involved in agriculture.

Since 1994, more than 2,200 young people have been trained under the leadership of Leonid Mikhailov. They are citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

In 2000 Leonid Mikhailov was noted in the national program "Man years- 2000" in chapter "Farmer of the Year". Mainly it has been evaluated his work of the development of the farming philosophy, of improving soil fertility and work with the younger generation.

This is definitely a pleasant moment in my life. I am proud of it. I must say that on absolute indicators I'm not the most outstanding farmer. Think my work especially marked by development of farming phylosoghy, improving soil fertility and working with young generation
(Newspaper "Day", 14 November 2001)

Agriculture is in the genes of Leonid Mikhailov: his great-grandfather graduated from Moscow State Forest University (the Faculty of Forestry); his grandfather - an agronomist; his mother - an agronomist, lecturer, associate professor of Zhytomyr Agricultural Institute on the plant protection department. Now his business continues his children - a daughter and a son.

Tatiana Mikhailova - the main coordinator of youth exchange programs in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. She is a wife of Leonid Mikhailov, the owner of the restaurant and another business. Tatiana has been passing the whole way with her husband in agriculture as well as in business, and continues to pass. She has been also participate in exchange programs in the US and Canada.

Marina Mikhailova (daughter) - a director of the agricultural company "Demeter Googol", which has 174 hectares of agricultural land in Kaliningrad region. She is also a programme coordinator in the Russian Federation and a lawyer-economic manager. She worked in the Ministry of Agriculture in Kaliningrad region.

Alex Mikhailov (son) - a program coordinator. He passed the way from an ordinary worker to a chief technologist in the industrial pig complex with 4,800 heads of reproductive sows. Trained in Ireland, the United States, Norway. He has extensive working experience in foreign companies as well as in the major domestic ones (Ukraine, Russia).

Alex Mikhailov on the internship in Ireland, 2003
An intern in Sweden, 2002
Alex Mikhailov on the farm with the Danish capital in Ukraine, 2001
Tatiana Mikhailova on the internship in Canada, 1998

Over 20 years we love and respect what we do! We are pleased to observe and to be involved in the way young people dream and then realize their dreams and ideas
into reality.