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About Us

Who we are:

ZRFA - agro-industrial enterprise in Kaliningrad region, which has its own agricultural lands. We specialize on cultivating cattle, livestock, crop production, horticulture, floriculture etc.

Planet in hands

Our company started its activity in 1994 and already more than 20 years has been successfully sent young men and women to agricultural internships all over the world. Our organization is an active member of Grow Abroad World Alliance together with the other 27 countries that participate in international agricultural programs for youth.

Almost every young person (a student or a graduate) has the opportunity to become an intern in a foreign country to get a completely new experience, meet different people, improve English skills, travel and earn. During ZRFA work more than 2,200 people have already passed training and are ready to share their impressions.

Our mission:

To promote the development of cost-effective, high-qualified and successful agriculture in Russia and CIS countries.

girl on a farm

Our goal:

To improve and increase the number of competent and highly qualified specialists in the sphere of agriculture. We prepare high-qualified staff for work on your farms and agricultural companies.

To whom this program will be interesting?

International farm internship program will be interesting for you if:

  • You are a student of an agricultural college, school, university, and strive to become a serious, competent, successful specialist in the chosen profession. You can get a diverse experience in farming as well as improve your spoken English and earn money;
  • You want to start doing agricultural work, become the owner of your farm, set up your own business or agricultural complex. To get the necessary experience in farming of any direction. To earn the initial capital for quick business start in your homeland;
  • You are already employed on a farm, agricultural company or organization and want to get the best experience in this direction, to improve your level of knowledge, skills, understanding of modern technologies. Through the internship you will be able to bring your business to a higher financial, technological level and increase its effectiveness. You will be able to earn extra money for the development of your business, to get foreign partners and supporters. You could also improve your everyday and business English;
  • You are already employed in agribusiness and strive to climb up the career ladder. You want to learn how to manage small, medium, large agribusiness. These internships - a great solution for team leaders, managers, and directors;
  • You are the owner of agricultural company looking for opportunities of professional development (your and your staff) to improve your own business. Result: rising of your company's profit.

Our programs:

Nan on a field

Since 1994, for over 20 years, we have sent abroad for internships with different kinds of work more than 2,200 people in 17 countries.

At the beginning of cooperation each applicant fills in the questionnaire, which indicates the direction of activity (what he would like to do in a host country), personal wishes and requirements for the program. Based on this information, we select the most suitable farm, which meets the needs of the candidate. As a rule, the result of such an approach is successful passage of the internship, good impressions of living in a foreign country, justified expectations.

How long does one program last?

The duration of each program for each country varies - from 4 to 18 months. All participants are allowed to pass a maximum of three programs in different countries in the direction they have chosen. There is also a short-term programs for 3-4 months.


The average salary of an intern is 800-2500 USD per month. Accommodation in a host country officially and free (on the farm), covering the food expenses depends on a farmer.

Who are our interns?

Any young person aged between 20 and 35 can become a member of the program - a student of agricultural educational institution, a graduate of the agrarian education, an employee of a farm, an agricultural specialist, a foreman, a manager or a head of the company.

In which countries is possible to go?

Participants of our programs pass training on different continents:

  • in Europe: Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands.
  • in North America: the United States and Canada.
  • in Asia: Japan.
  • in Oceania: Australia, New Zealand.
Chairman of the Association: signature Mikhailov Leonid Nikolaevich